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Backflow Testing and Repair

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Washington Backflow Testing and Repair

What is a backflow?

What is backflow and backflow test? A backflow is when dirty or toxic waste water has reversed flow direction backwards, “backflow”, and starts to enter your clean water line source. Backflow contamination likely can happen at the “cross connection”. The cross connection is located between the clean and dirty water lines piping area. A backflow stops working because pressure changed happened. Backflow pressures can change from either a back pressure or back siphonage. Pressure may change in your pipes because of a burst pipe, leaking pipe line, or burst water main. Pressure change then can allow toxic materials, such as human feces “poop”, and chemicals, to come backwards in the pipe, and into your clean water. Backflow testing happens to make sure your backflow preventer is working, and you life may depend on it.

What is a backflow preventer?

What is a backflow preventer? A backflow preventer is the safety device in your pipe line that prevents the pressure to flow backwards. A backflow preventer literally stops a backflow. Therefore, a backflow preventer stops contaminated water from flowing backwards into your clean water system. Backflow prevention can be a life saver, since you probably don’t want to have feces in your water. When changes in water pressure happen inside your pipe line, the back flow prevention device will stop filthy water, from back flowing into your clean water system. Over time all things break. Your backflow pipe may have a simple leak? When a backflow does fail, it could allow disgustingly hazardous material, or feces, or chemicals, into you clean water lines, and it can be potentially harmful. This is why your backflow preventers are tested by a certified backflow testing company, to make sure your backflow is not leaking and confirm it is working properly, and to make sure your clean water lines do not have bad things in them. 

What is backflow testing?

What is backflow testing? Backflow testing is have your backflow test performed, by a certified backflow testing company, or plumber who is certified, and they complete a certified backflow test. The certified backflow testing company will have special equipment that connected to your backflow plumbing line. The equipment can tell if your backflow preventer is working, leaking, or not working at all, and assume whether contaminated water is likely back flowing into your clean water system. Also, if your backflow is not working, then you can get your backflow repair.    

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